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Transforming this high-end restaurant consultancy from conservative to cutting-edge and establishing its creative leader as an industry authority and personality.
Roles: Brand, Concept and Content Development, Photographic Art Direction, Design, UX
Media: Responsive website, brand assets, print.
Epicurean Epicurean
Reevaluating the way a B2B site communicates with potential clients. When you're a world leading music streaming service and you're audience are savvy media buyers then we're all consumers.
Roles: Lead Designer
Media: Responsive website
Digital OOH
From weather reactive bus shelters in Amsterdam to a branded kiosk on Copacabana beach, we made the music personal for this global summer campaign.
Roles: Lead Designer
Media: Digital OOH, Print OOH, Various large format installations.
Rainy DOOH Amsterdam
Brazil Tram
The challenge from Wipro Digital: to identify a need in the personal banking market and respond with an innovative digital solution – in 24 hours. Our concept: Bank of Me visualises your spending and leveriges your brand loyalty to earn rewards.
Roles: Concept Development, Art Direction, Design, UX
Media: Device Neutral
Movie:View in Vimeo
Bank of Me
Android and iOS App
Social music app which enables you to find participating venues, see what's playing now, put tunes on the jukebox and share with your friends. Update currently in development.
Roles: Branding, Art Direction, Design, UX
Media: iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6 Plus + Android,
Web and Desktop Apps
Android and iOS App
Premium Product
Responsive Website
Global website for this Korean electronics giant’s latest range of ultra-premium TVs. Featuring lots of clever interactions, rich content and stunning visuals. As part of an integrated campaign.
Roles: UX, Content Planning, Design
Media: Website
Integrated Campaign
Interactive Performance
Interactive performance/installation using video colour tracking, step sequencing, softsynths and sample modulation to generate audio loops.
Roles: Creative Lead, Developer
Media: Interactive installation using Processing and MaxMSP
Movie:View in Vimeo
Social Sports App
Updated user-interface and user-flow to make this innovative sports social media aggregation app the go-too destination for sports news and chat.
Roles: Art Direction, Design, UX
Media: iPad App
Illustrations and storyboards for a film celebrating a year of multi-award winning branded content creation from Drum OMG and establish their new visual identity.
Roles: Illustration, Storyboarding
Media: Video/Motion Graphics
Responsive/Adaptive Website
Website for this music profiling and technology company. Following an extensive brand positioning exercise, the design, art direction and copywriting was crafted to represent the key factor that sets the company apart – the human touch.
Roles: Brand positioning, project managent, UX,Art Direction, Design
Media: Website – Wide Desktop, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Responsive/Adaptive Website
Viral Movie
Viral movie in which Diesel party-goers get the opportunity to have the star treatment from a photographic retoucher.
Roles: Art Direction, Editing, Animation, Sound Design
Media: Viral Movie
Movie:View in Vimeo
Touchscreen music player with subtly branded graphic elements for an international high-street fashion brand.
Roles: UX, Art Direction, Design
Media: iPad App
Music Player
360 Branding
Branding across digital, print and site installation and even branded cocktails to celebrate 10 years of the first authentic Japanese style karaoke bar in London.
Roles: Art Direction, Design
Media: Digital, print, social, site instalation
Interactive Installation
Interactive digital experience in which the user's emotional stability is put to the test when the adventures of Squirrel and Turtle take a shockingly adult turn! Using Processing, Arduino, Flash and plastic squirrels equipped with a galvanic skin response device.
Roles: Art Direction,Illustration, Animation, UX, Developer
Media: Interactive installation using Processing, Arduino
and After Effects
Movie:View in Vimeo
Responsive website as part of an integrated campaign using a simple but engaging game to lead audience in to the recruitment referrals process.
Roles: Art Direction, Design, Illustration
Media: Responsive Website – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Data Visualisation
Data-visualisation app using music-themed interactive animations to represent statistics. Designed to engage recording artists with the way the lable markets to their audience sector.
Roles: Art Direction, Illustration, Design
Media: iPhone + iPad App
EMI Insight